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Start and end the day with a little layer of luxury and style. When it comes to bedding that keeps you warm, it doesn’t get any better than a fluffy and warm doona cover. You must use duvet covers to keep your doona safe and clean.

At Manchester Collection we pay attention to detail. The duvet covers we offer are manufactured with great quality in order to keep your doona secure. Here you will get the covers that are free from harmful chemicals and safe for you.

          Let’s have a look on merits of a Doona cover

Buying a doona cover can be a wise decision due to many reasons. The duvets are made of good quality material and costly too. Putting a cover on doon will protect it from regular wear and tear and lengthen its life.

They are heavy and washing them is not an easy job. When you frequently change the doona cover it also changes the looks of your bedroom.

How to select the fabric of Doona cover Australia?

Doona covers are available in different fabrics, you need to select as per your skin. The fabrics used to manufacture are given below

Cotton doona coversIt is one of the most popular fabrics used in bedding due to a large number of features like durable, soft , easy to care, affordable etc.

Flannel doona covers
It is perfect for cold winter nights, that’s been combed to fluff up the fibers. The fabric is featured with snugly-warm qualities. Flannel quantity is measured in ounces per square yard rather than thread count.

Silk doona covers
It is a luxurious, soft fiber produced by silkworms. Doona covers made from silk makes your room romantic and sexy. Silk is naturally hypoallergic needs care and delicate.

Polyester doona covers
It is a man-made fiber produced from the polymer which is used to make plastic bottles. It is costly as compared to the other fabrics, it’s quite stiff and scratchy if not mixed with other fabric. So polyester mixed with another thread. Generally, polyester is mixed with cotton in an inexpensive sheet set.

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