Ways to solve your Shoe Storage Situation

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October 12, 2020
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Ways to solve your Shoe Storage Situation

In every house, there are storage spaces for clothes, shoes, and other belongings. Most cupboards have plenty of room to keep the clothes but when it comes to shoes then no amount of space is enough space for putting the shoes. As many people as you know, all of them are always struggling with organizing their shoes. No matter whom you talk to, they would always tell you that they do not have enough space to store their shoes.

Every other person tells the other person that the shoe rack bench may help because of unknown reasons but the shoe storage cabinet also seems to have lost its charm. Shoe rack bench sounded like a good solution at the start of its popularity but it has also failed to solve their never-ending issue of storing the shoes. Even if you are organizing your shoes every week, you will end up creating a mess again before the upcoming weeks’ organizing day.

There are a few ways that may help you make your shoe storage situation a lot better than how it is currently. It is advised to follow the ways given below so that you can be able to get rid of your shoe problems.

Tossing out the shoes that you no longer use

shoe rack bench

shoe rack bench

It is very hard to toss out your shoes because you will keep on thinking that you would need them later but it is a healthy exercise. Start off by keeping your shoes in the middle of the room and then going to each pair and asking questions to yourself like, did I wear this in the past month?

Is there another pair available that is similar to this? Are they comfortable? Answer these questions and this will help you decide which shoes are no longer in your use or are too out of fashion to be worn now. Some shoes fall under the category of shoes that you may need in a few days during the year and you obviously do not apply the one-month rule to them but it is applicable to other shoes. Send the pairs that you no longer use to charity or give them to someone who needs it.

Assessing the role of shoes  

If you are someone who is obsessed with shoes like a lot of people are when you may even use them as a decoration in the house. Lisa Ruff of luxury homes states that “If shoes are your thing if they make you excited to get up and get dressed in the morning, use them as décor.” This means that you can use your bookshelves to put on your shoes; it will not only organize your shoes but also give a different look to your house.

You can even purchase the shoe rack bench and keep it under the dining table or anywhere within the house to store your shoes. It is ideal to make a capsule collection which means you keep the shoes that you wear the most in the shoe storage cabinet so they are easily available to you whenever you need them in your daily life. The capsule collection can consist of three to four pairs of shoes that you know you would need on a daily basis.

Picking a suitable shoe storage system

shoe rack bench

shoe rack bench

It is very important to not toss your shoes back in your cupboard because it will create a mess in the area of the shoe. This will not only look messy but will also make the shoes go beyond your sight and as you will not see them so you would be more likely to forget all about them until. You may see them after months when you decide to clean the shoe space and then you will realize that you have these as well. To solve this, professional organizers have advised everyone to get a shoe storage cabinet.

If you have a lot of shoes then rolling drawers can also be used to store shoes under your bed. You can even use clear boxes to store your shoes because just like a shoe rack bench, the clear boxes also let you see which shoes you have put in them. If you have space in your closet then you can get a hanging closet organizer to pile store your shoes and hand it in the closet. The visibility of shoes plays a major in helping us decide which shoes to wear so a shoe rack bench is always a great idea.

Storing shoes in vertical spaces

You have more vertical space if you look around in your house. If there is less floor space available, you can store your shoes in vertical spaces. This can be a problem to reach but you can avoid this by using a ladder or climbing on a shoe storage cabinet. it is advised to use one vertical space for one season as you put in all winter’s shoes together and when you plan on taking a trip to the mountains, you can easily choose which shoes to take along. You can even do DIYs and custom build shelves in the vertical spaces available to make your shoe storage situation better.

Making a habit of storing shoes 

shoe rack bench

shoe rack bench

Always put your shoes back to the place they belong to. Start taking out a minute before you head out to make sure that no shoes are left out. This will not only make your storage better but you will not come back home to a pile of shoes greeting you which is a great feeling. If you are sharing your room or apartment with anyone, it is advised by professional organizers to designate space for each person. This will give a tidy look and will not mix up your shoes.

Our recommendation

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