Ways to Increase Storage by Using Coffee Tables

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October 22, 2020
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Ways to Increase Storage by Using Coffee Tables

You will not know a single person who is satisfied with his storage space. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you are yet to see a person who will not complain about having inadequate storage. All of us are always looking for ways to increase storage so we do not have to organize our mess on and off. Talking about storage ideas, we would like to introduce you to the idea of a coffee table with storage space.

It sounds very different but it is a great way to put the extra stuff that you know you might need every now and then so that it is accessible and does not look like a mess lying in the middle of your living room. Your coffee table with storage can be your powerhouse with the help of simple organizing tips. The tips are a mixture of purchasing a coffee table with drawers, repurposing old furniture, and updating an already existing piece to store more things in your living room. Given below are the types of coffee tables with storage space that you can include in your living room for fuss-free storage space. Choose which coffee table with storage suits the style of your living room.

·         Faux Leather Coffee Table with Storage

If you have a living room that has velvet sofas, add in a coffee table with faux leather as a statement in this type of living room. The coffee table will open up from the top providing ample room for storage. You can put the media supplies, extra blankets, or whatever you want in this coffee table with drawers. Adding a nailhead trim on the coffee table will add to the decoration of the coffee table. You can also put small coral plants on this coffee table or other household ornaments.

·         Trunk turned into a coffee table with storage

If you have a trunk in your store that is of no use, bring it to use by using it as a coffee table. The design of the trunks is such that you can put in a lot of stuff in it. This will make it one of the best coffee tables with storage. Breaking the interior space by using baskets and containers is essential because if you skip this, you will mix up everything in this large storage space. If you already do not have a trunk, you can look for it in the antique shops and vintage shops because they are easily available in them.

·         Neat coffee table

Having a lot of same size items can give you an edge to store it in an open space. Books, blankets, and magazines, etc. can be arranged in open storage, in a pile to give a neat look. This can also be very pleasing, visually, and maintaining them is also easy. If you have different shaped items, get an open lidded box for their storage, and then keep them on the coffee table.

·         Adding something for storage

For unpretentious lounge room storage, find a basket or container that mixes in with other space. If you have a wooden coffee table that has two shelves, you can go for huge wicker that you can place on the shelf that is below. The wicker will provide space to hold remotes, magazines, cards, etc. that may look odd lying on the table everywhere. The brownish colour of the wicker matches that of the table and the size provides space that you can use to store things and clear space from the top of the table for other unique pieces.

·         Ottomans with storage space

Ottomans can be used as coffee tables because they look classy lying in the living room. Upholstered ottomans that have space for storage can provide you with shallow space for storing small room essentials and board games very conveniently while serving as a coffee table with storage. When you are getting a storage ottoman, keep in mind what goes in the storage space because it will help you in deciding which size suits your needs the best.

·         Storage under the coffee table

If there is less seating space in your living room and there is space under your coffee table then get pretty poufs. You can put them under your coffee table and drag them out whenever you need them for the people that come to your house. For maximum storage, get hollow stools so that you can keep stuff away from your sight but in your reach.

·         Counting on baskets

Count on baskets to keep your kid’s toys in them and put them under your coffee table in your living room or kid’s room. Assign a basket to each kid with his name and put them in small plastic containers to organize the collection. Tell your kids that the toys that fit in the basket are allowed in the living room, all other toys have to be kept away in their storage space. This will prevent the baskets from looking messy.

·         Adding a tray For Coffee Table with Drawers

Add a tray and put it in the space provided under the coffee table. There are different sizes available so see what matches your needs. Putting frequently used items in one area will make it easier to grab them when needed. A decorated tray can add a little style to your space.

·         Sliding drawers within coffee tables

Coffee tables with sliding trays make storage a lot easier. Just put the things in the drawer and slide it in to keep your living room tidy. If you are looking for a coffee table with drawers, then look for coffee tables with drawers. You can also repurpose a console, shallow dresser, or alongside table as a coffee table with storage.

Storage space has been a problem since forever for everyone that we know of. Organizing all the time with a busy schedule gets too much for an individual. A coffee table with storage is a great idea to increase storage in your living room. To get the best coffee table with storage, visit ‘Mattress Offers’.

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