Tips for planning a bedroom around a King Bed Frame

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October 16, 2020
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Tips for planning a bedroom around a King Bed Frame

If there is one thing everyone loves about their house, it would for sure be their bed. Many people are so habitual of their beds that they would not go and stay at someone’s place just because of the fact that they would end up not sleeping the entire night on any other bed.

Having a king size bed should be considered a luxury item because of the comfort that it provides. Needless to say that it is always a great idea to invest in a king size bed because this is one of those decisions that you would never regret taking in your life.

A single bed gives a lot of space and comfort to sprawl out and is very comfortable, but at the same time, it occupies a major portion of the room and doesn’t leave space for anything else.

Normally if you do not have a very large room, it becomes impossible to manage space around the king single bed because of its huge size and space-taking property. Given below are some of the tips that can help you plan your room around a king bed frame. You can use the following tips to avoid mindfully planning your décor around the king’s single bed frame.

1. Picking the right spot for the king single bed

The first step in planning a bedroom with a king single bed is to choose the right spot for the bed in order to prevent crowding the rest of the room. In case the room is square, the bed should be placed off-centre so that there’s more space on one side of the bed in this asymmetrical layout. In case the room is long and narrow, the bed should be placed against the longer wall ensuring you have enough space for side tables on both sides of the bed. Depending on the size of the room, this may also create two separate zones.

Picking the right king bed  frame
One zone of the room contains the king single bed frame and nightstands and the other offers space for wardrobes or a desk. The different layouts can totally change the appearance of the room, so finding out the right position of the bed is necessary. Proper planning of the room and placement of the king single bed can help you identify the spaces that need to be decorated around the bed frame. So, planning is the most crucial step. If you place your king single bed in the wrong direction, you will have very little and no space left for other activities and decorations.

2. Usage of sliding doors

A sliding door can be used for a more visual appeal. For a better visual appeal of a room that has a king single bed, a sliding wardrobe door would be a better option instead of standard and Bi-fold doors. The benefit of sliding doors is that it would not open out into the room but it would flush with the wall which gives a minimalist look to the room. This will also clear out space that can be used as a traffic pattern or even to keep something such as a decorative piece or anything that compliments the room.

There is a wide range of sliding doors available and you can choose which styles and sizes match the theme of your room and serve to the best of your needs. Some of them have mirrors and some of them reach from floor to the ceiling which adds more depth to the room. These sliding doors draw attention away from the king’s single bed in the room.

3. Creating balance in the room

King single beds tend to make everything else look a lot smaller because of the comparison that it created when you place a king single bed frame in your room. In order to create more balance in the room, different features can be added like curtains can be added or furniture can be arranged in different ways so that balance is kept within the room.

Longer curtains should be used because floor-length curtains have longer height so they draw attention towards the length of the room rather than the width of the room. Through this, the king’s single bed does not remain the only point of attention.

In order to further improve the balance of the room, right-sized furniture must be used. If the king single bed is in the middle of two small side tables, it would not look very awkward as compared to when it is in the middle of two large side tables, then it would look good and appropriate. When the reference point would be the king single bed frame, large side tables will compliment it and create a balance in the room.

4. Choosing a bed that complements the existing theme

We should plan our bedroom around the bed but in case we are in search of a new bed, then we should search for a design that matches our existing décor and theme of the room. You can find many options to choose from while you are buying a king single bed. Choosing a king single bed frame that is made of wood, faux leather, fabric, or ivory metal is always a great idea. You can see what best matches with your style depending on whether it is contemporary, minimalistic, modern, etc. then you can easily select a good piece.

Choosing a bed frame for home
Always make sure that you choose the bed that would fit within your room and at the same time, it will have space for walking and also for decorating it with other things as the bed is not the only thing that you need in your room, there are plenty of other essentials that are needed in your room.

Our recommendation 

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