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Clothes hangers are beneficial in the maintenance of the shape and structure of your clothes. For your clothes to last longer, clothes hanger stands are very helpful. Many factors should be considered before you buy a clothes hanger stand so that you do not end up with the wrong one because if you do, you will ruin your clothes. 


Before buying a clothes hanger stand, you should ensure that the size is appropriate. It should be according to the size of the clothes that you will be hanging in it. There are a few general rules that will help you buy the best hangers. These are:

  • Thickness – 1” thickness is appropriate for heavy clothes, whereas 0.5” thickness is good for lightweight clothes. 
  • Width – Narrow width of the hanger will develop creases whereas, if the hanger is too wide, it will stretch the clothes. 
  • Children’s – 10” hangers are suitable for small kids and 14” are good for bigger kids.
  • Petite women – 15 or 16” contoured hangers should be used by small women and young men.
  • Men and women – 16 or 17” hangers are good for adult men.
  • Men’s XL: 5 or 19” hangers are suitable for large men.
clothes hanger stand
clothes hanger stand


Another important consideration is the shape of the hanger. To hang coats, suits, and jackets, you should use curved or contoured hangers. To hang t-shirts and other thin and lightweight clothes, flat hangers should be used. 


The clothing item’s weight should be proportionate to the clothes hanger stand’s weight. Make sure you have a heavier hanger if you are hanging jackets, dress pants, or other heavy items. 


Whenever you shop for a clothes hanger stand, you should keep the purpose of it in your mind. Padded or velvet hangers should be used to hang delicate clothing because if you use plastic or wooden hangers, you may rip this type of clothing.


The fabric on hangers may lessen stretches, shoulder bumps, and tears. You can use a piece of foam on your hangers but it may look odd.  


Your style should be reflected by your hanger. All hangers are not the same; some may even give off a look that is not according to your preference. For a hanger to fit your wardrobe it should match your style.

Folding vs. Clipping

There are a few hangers that come with clips. These clips are attached to the crossbar. These hangers take a lot of space and damage your clothes, no matter how convenient they are. To save space, saving your pants or ties is a good idea.  

Hangers according to your clothes

clothes hanger stand
hanger stand

Some clothes hanger stands are more suitable for a specific type of clothes as compared to others. 

·         Hangers for Pants

Strong wooden hangers with firm crossbars are the best for pants as they are heavier clothing items. 17.5” wooden hanger is strong and thick and it can hold a lot of weight. You can easily hang your bulkiest pants and even suits on it. 

·         Hangers for Belts

The ideal belt hanger is one that has many arms for you to hang multiple pieces in one place. Non-slip tie or belt swivel hangers are ideal if you have a good collection of belts because it features 18 arms to store every belt, accessory, or scarf that you have.

·         Hangers for Delicate Clothing Items

Delicate pieces should be treated with more care as compared to other clothing. To extend the life of your delicate thin scarves or ties, you should get a fabric-lined hanger, such as a 15” satin boutique hanger. The fabric-coated arms will provide friction so these clothing items will not fall on the ground and their softness will be protected against tears.

·         Hangers for Ties

Working in an office requires you to have a good tie collection. To store your ties properly, get a hanging velvet-lined organizer. These hangers are wrapped in soft fabric that stops the edges from tearing your thin ties and the friction generated from velvet prevents the ties from slipping.

Different material of clothes Hanger stand for different Types

clothes hanger stand
clothes hanger stand

There are different types of hangers available such as wooden, plastic, fabric, or wire hangers. 

  •         Wooden Hangers

Bulkier clothing is suitable for wooden hangers, which are durable, strong, and give a lot of strength for the largest items. These hangers are not bendable or breakable, so they are good for suit jackets or sports clothes. However, the disadvantage is that they are unforgiving in their shape, so they will not contour to the shape of your clothes. Wooden hangers have a crossbar that is an excellent addition if you want to keep your dress pants with your shirt or jacket. Although they are more expensive than fabric or plastic hangers, they are worth it. 

  •         Plastic Hangers

Plastic clothes hangers stand is a great addition to your collection. They are an inexpensive and multipurpose item. These hangers are a great choice for petite women, children, and people who need affordable hangers for their lightweight clothes. Find hangers that come with notch hooks on the side. The notches prevent the clothes from slipping that can damage your clothes.  

  •         Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are suitable for small and delicate clothes. Although they look delicate, mostly these velvet hangers can hold up to 10 pounds which makes them appropriate for a lot of clothes that you have. However, velvet hangers are soft and they are perfect for ties, lingerie, t-shirts, scarves, and other thin pieces of clothing that may stretch or rip on other hangers easily. Ultra-slim hangers can help you save a lot of space. 

Never put too many clothing items in the clothes hanger stand because it will destroy the clothes. If the clothes brush up against each other, permanent creases and dents can be visible on the clothes.  

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