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October 8, 2020
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October 16, 2020
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Now get a comfortable and cozy sleep with a king electric blanket. 

At the point when temperatures drop, musings go to hot beverages, woolen socks and an electric cover to prepare your bed for a comfortable night’s rest. Contingent upon the sum you need to spend, you can get a basic single electric blanket from significant chain stores, yet there are likewise alternatives with a couple of more extravagant accessories.

Features to look for in a king electric blanket

king electric blanket

king electric blanket

The basic features include: 

  • Overheat assurance faculties unusual temperature varieties and switches the king size electric blanket off in the event that it gets excessively hot. 
  • A fitted cover is simpler to put on and take off, and remains level and rigid on the sleeping cushion. King electric blankets are easy to manage. 
  • In the event that your feet get especially cool, search for a cover with an extra-warm foot zone. 
  • In the event that you change your king size electric blanket’s settings during the night, search for remote control with raised markings (so you can recognize the settings in obscurity or in dark), or with a light feature, which will likewise demonstrate that the king electric blanket is turned on.
  • A lit-up LCD screen makes it much simpler to see your settings at night when its dark in your room. 
  • Feel how thick the material is – it ought to be sufficiently thick so you cannot feel the warming components of the king’s electric blanket. 

Advanced features: 

king electric blanket

king electric blanket

  • Double controls in a king size electric blanket permit you to control the temperature on your side of the bed autonomously. 
  • Programmable settings in a king electric blanket permit you to pre-set the warmth setting at a specific time – let’s say, 10 minutes before you hit the bed you can set your electric bed accordingly. 
  • Waterproof electric covers are appropriate for young children. 
  • Removable controls mean you can securely wash your king size electric blanket without any worry of ruining it.  
  • Fleece heap or woolen spread gives additional solace and can be utilized as an underlay during the hotter months. 


In view of our estimations, you should not anticipate paying more than $20 per season to run a solitary bed king size electric blanket, which incorporates pre-warming and leaving it on overnight, consistently, for a quarter of a year. To err on the side of caution, we prompt against all-night use, regardless of whether the cover has an all-night mode, so running expenses ought to be even less. King electric blankets are a good one-time investment. 

Is a king electric blanket safe to use? 

king electric blanket

king electric blanket

Countless king size electric blankets reviews have been given throughout the long term and from the time it came into the market, ordinarily having issues with regulator sturdiness and its smooth working, as of various king electric blanket fires striking up. This has led to CHOICE putting a more noteworthy accentuation on testing for strength and electrical security. Our tests have indicated current king electric blankets are protected, however where power is included there is consistently a little danger, and mishaps can occur.

  • All king size electric blankets must convey AS/NZS 60335.2.17:2012, so search for this when shopping. 
  • Peruse the guidelines and follow the producer’s proposals for use and care. 
  • Fire and Rescue NSW suggests individuals test their king electric blankets before utilizing them. 

Step by step instructions to check your cover 

To test an electric blanket, lay it level on the head of the bed and switch it on for five minutes. Outwardly review and feel the wires; ensure they are working effectively and are intact. Different tips to guarantee you utilize the sweeping securely are: 

  • Turn the force off and eliminate the attachment when the queen electric blanket is not being used. 
  • Ensure your electric blanket is not more extensive than the sleeping pad. 
  • Try not to leave electric blankets turned on an entire night. 
  • Try not to turn the electric cover on while it is collapsed or when there is something on the bed, (for example, books, apparel, a collapsed cover, pads, or a pet). Any of these may prompt restricted overheating. 
  • Spot the sweeping level on the bedding with the switches at the cushion end, and secure it well. 
  • Keep the electric line and switch outside the bedding. 
  • Be cautious with pointed or sharp items that could harm the warming component. 
  • A few models can’t be utilized on futons, elastic or froth sleeping pads, a water bed, or under a bedding defender. 
  • Try not to utilize an electric cover for a baby, a fixed individual, or somebody harsh toward heat. 
  • Try not to utilize it along with a heated water bottle (which may spill) or when it is wet. 
  • Have your sweeping checked by a certified proficient at regular intervals? Producers prescribe you take it to one of their administration specialists – check their site. 
  • Try not to wash an electric cover except if the producer explicitly suggests it. 
  • In the event that you need to take your cover off the bed in summer, overlap it perfectly yet not firmly, or move it around a chamber, and store it in a dry spot.

Where to buy king electric blankets from? 

We suggest our trusted place “Afterpay Mattress” visit their website to find good quality, safe, and secure electric blankets at astonishing prices. 

Sleep happy with king electric blankets.

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