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Bunk beds are the classic bed that exists in the world. They are fun to use as a bed and often save space as well. Choosing the right one is a bit tough considering that many companies and various types of bunk beds exist with each one being unique in its own compartment. Here are a few tips that can prove to be helpful. At the same time, you buy your first ever perfect bunk bed for the family or yourself.

Following are a few of the points you should keep in mind while you go to the store and start looking around for your type of bunk bed:

  1. Size of the bunk bed

This is the main thing to know when you are buying a bunk bed for anyone. With apparent and correct size, picking the perfect bunk bed can be crucial to your comfort.

Following are a few standard sizes of the double bunk beds.

  • The twin loft bunk bed: a good bed with the unique design of having a twin bed on top and space for desk, workplace or any other items necessary for the households can be placed at the bottom, with this kind of bed it’s never less space in the home.
  • Twin over twin bunk bed: one of the most popular designs used in the current world is a twin over a twin bed. It consists of a twin bed placed over a twin bed as one twin bed on top and the other twin bed on the bottom for a perfect good night’s sleep.
  • Twin over full double bunk beds: this bed is perfect for people who share their bed with someone. The placement of this bed is so that one twin bed will be on top with a full-size bed for sharing at the bottom. A clever design it is.
  • Full over full bunk bed: this bunk bed is fun for any age. With a full double bunk beds on top and bottom, it can never go wrong after buying it.

Often when placing a bunk bed, one should be careful to know how high their ceiling is before setting up the bed. At least a space of 30 cm should be left above the bunk bed when the mattress is placed on the bed. Or enough places that a person can sit easily without worrying about their head touching the ceiling and hurting themselves all of a sudden.

Mattresses for these types of beds are not specially made. They are common. Just make sure the size is perfect and the mattress will fit in your bunk bed easily without causing any trouble. Just make sure that you have bought the perfect mattress according to your double bunk bed type. For example, a full bunk mattress must be bought for a full bunk bed.

2. Material for your bunk bed

A lot of material is used in making a bunk bed, but one should always look out for the quality and material of the double bunk beds before making any final decision. Durability should be the priority while buying a bunk bed. 

Most bunk beds are crafted from natural wood. Wood is the strongest, safest, and durable material to use for a bunk bed as it can withstand even shocks and can be used for years and years without giving you any trouble replacing it. Mostly the wood used in the double bunk beds area from the trees of ponderosa pine, plywood, and cedar. 

Weight can be different depending on the size and the type of material that the company used and also what type of bed it is. But generally, some figures are given by companies. These figures can be quoted as 150 pounds for the twin over a twin bunk bed, while for the twin over a full bunk bed or full over a full double bunk bed, it is 400 pounds. These figures might help you choose the perfect bed as well.

When it comes to bunk beds, safety is the most questionable question ever because of the way how bunk beds are constructed. It is always a great idea to go for the certified companies that have tested products under experts and are well certified by the government and the authority who manage such kinds of products. Thus, after going through such a list, do get some warrantee as well for the product. By doing so, you are safeguarding yourself from any possible trouble in the future.

3. Storage within the Double Bunk Beds With Afterpay Furniture

Most bunk beds come with designed-in features such as desks, drawers, or a chest for keeping and storing your goodies.

These storage capacities and features can be categorized into three possible categories according to their type and usage in daily life.

  • Bunker bed with a desk built-in: often when buying loft bunk beds, you will come across a bed with desks. These desks can be on either side or can be one on one side of the bed. They can be used for working or placing items near your bed that you do not want to lose. Or it can be used as a study desk for a late-night last moment in bed studies.
  • Storage capacity in a bunk bed: often when buying a bunk bed that only has a top, the bottom is always a storage capacity. This capacity can be either empty space that can work as a drawer or for shelving or can be used as a closet for your clothes, saving space and money for buying the extra item.
  • Stairway chest for the bunk bed: another feature with which the bunk bed coms is the stairway chest. These are actually pullout drawers designed in between stairs. Or under the bed. Or most often if you have stairs with your bunk bed, you can replace it with a chest too. These chests can be placed in between each step.

Here are a few of the tips you can use to guide yourself in buying a bunk bed of your choice. In which you feel comfortable sleeping and using it. Buy the Afterpay furniture bunk beds only At HR Sports and enjoy the best quality with an amazing finish.

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