Benefits of having a Double mattress

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November 11, 2020
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Benefits of having a Double mattress

double mattress

Having a relaxing and restoring sleep at night can be very beneficial for your health. Having a double mattress that is supportive and comfortable is very important. If you are sleeping on a lumpy old mattress or you have to change your position the entire night, then it is time to purchase a new double mattress.

 Mattresses are not a cheap product but also keep in mind that you will spend one-third of your life sleeping so it is an essential investment. Mattresses will approximately have a life of seven years but you can get more from your mattress if you get the perfect one. If you are not sure of the benefits of the double bed mattress then it is because you have not done your research on this topic. We have collected a few benefits that will help you make a decision when you are buying the double mattress. These benefits are given below. 

Double mattresses can cater to your unique needs


Double mattresses are different according to their specifications and the unique ways of sleeping that vary from person to person. For instance, pocket spring mattresses provide more luxury as compared to open spring mattresses. Pocket spring mattresses consist of single springs that are hand-sewn into each pocket so that every spring has an independent move. 

This gives more support, especially when it is on the double bed because there are two people having different weights. You can also select from mattresses with a different firmness. People who sleep on their sides or constantly move during the night might choose a soft mattress. People sleeping on their backs or needing lower back support might prefer medium-firm support.  

Protection from allergies

All beds are a haven for dust mites as they need the dead skin cells to survive that are shed naturally by us at night. This can be problematic for people with asthma and allergies. Washing bed clothes regularly at 60 degrees will help you keep dust mites away, the new mattress can lessen the symptoms of allergy. 

Immune system boosted 

Getting a new mattress will allow you to have its benefits after you get out of your bed. Having a good night’s sleep is linked to several health benefits and one of the benefits is immunity. If you do not get peaceful sleep, it will compromise the ability of your body to fight illnesses and cold effectively. 

Improved pains and aches

If you wake up feeling uncomfortable and stiff. That is because you are suffering from aches in other parts of your body or back pain, and an unsupportive and old mattress will make the situation worse. A double bed mattress will make sure your body is supported and your spine is aligned correctly. Before buying the foldable double mattress, talk to the mattress experts and read reviews online so that you can make the best choice. 

Increased attention span

Longer Life

If you wake up unable to concentrate or with a foggy mind that is because of a bad mattress. Poor sleep has a bad impact on your concentration span and you will find it hard to focus on your tasks. Having a good night’s sleep will rest and recover your brain. This will mean you will have a happy day ahead; you will also be able to concentrate, solve problems, and be a lot of creative. The connections of brain cells strengthen during sleep and the new information is transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Double mattress are designed differently as compared to single mattresses. They are made in a way that both sides provide similar luxury support on both sides. You can flip the mattress and will get similar support, after a few years. Mattresses are as important as other pieces in your house and need the same amount of maintenance but you can rotate and flip your mattress and not worry about the same amount of support not being offered from the other side.  


The manufacturers of double bed mattresses are the same who are manufacturing single mattresses which is the best thing about these mattresses. It is because this will mean that mostly, they will be selling both the mattresses at the same prices approximately so they are a better option for anyone who is buying them. 

Less chance of breakdown of construction material 


double mattress

Mattress takes the shape of your body, no matter what it is but the impression will stay for longer or be too deep, the mattress will start breaking down. One of the best abilities of the inflatable double mattress is that you can flip it over. When you flip the mattress, it will give you a new flat surface that you can lie on and gives the other side time to recover and maintain its shape and quality. 

Giselle Bedding Double Size Spring Foam Mattress Top

The mattress has 34cm thickness to offer medium-firm support. It is designed with plush euro top padding, high-density foam, premium knitted bamboo fabric, and a coil system that is innovative for zonal support.

Giselle Bedding Double Size Cool Gel Memory Foam Spring Mattress

It has a plush euro top padding, high-density memory foam that is infused with cool gel, premium knitted Belgium fabric, and a coil system that is independent for zonal support. 

Giselle Bedding Double Size Euro Spring Foam Mattress

This mattress offers firm support because of its six working turns per coil system. The pocketed spring design that is independent makes sure that the weight of your body is absorbed and distributed evenly. 

Giselle Bedding Double Size 28cm Thick Foam Mattress

With the cutting-edge technology, the great construction of the double mattress topper has a quilting layer on its top with foam, the middle layer is of pocket spring, and the bottom layer is another quilting layer. 

If you want a double mattress, then visit the ‘Mattress Offers’. We have the best quality double mattress available for you that will provide extreme comfort and relaxation to you. Choose from the many options available on our Mattress Store.

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