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Are you preparing for a life-changing camping experience? 

Once in a while, we should go camping because it disconnects us from technology. Most importantly, it helps us feel alive in nature. 

If you have already bought a pop up tent, that’s great. If you haven’t, then we have different pop-up tents and all the other gears listed. Pick whatever suits you the most!

Now, let’s talk about putting away a pop-up tent. To be honest, it’s handy for some people. And for some, it’s really hectic. 

We’re assuming that you’re already having trouble in folding camping tent. If you wouldn’t have any problem, you wouldn’t even bother to come here, right?

Whatever, don’t worry because here’s a step-by-step guide to put those big pop up tents away.

Clean the Dirt from Pop-up Tent :

Some people may care about hygiene and some may not. But as far as we know, it’s a fact that most people don’t like to put a useless tent in their backpack. 

To make things smooth and easy, we would advise you to keep the camping tent clean from dust, sand, debris, pebbles, and other particles. 

Look! There are two reasons for doing so. 

First, most people don’t realize this but dust particles may interrupt the folding system of your camping tent. Do you know why? Well, if even a single pebble or dust particle gets stuck while shaking, it won’t fold properly and your camping will be spoiled. 

Second, unwanted particles may create a hole in your tent. 

That’s why, when you are at home, make sure to maintain hygiene with your camping gears. If you make a habit of doing so before every camping, it will resist the damp and stinking smell as well. 

To ensure more cleanliness, you can also clean your tent with laundry powder.

Gently Fold the Poles :


Have you understood the first step? Good! 

Once the sand particles get removed, look out for two poles so that you can fold them. Believe it or not! Poles are the backbone of every camping tent.

Stretch out the gear to clamp its left & right side and pull those sides together to finally fold two top poles.

Now that we’re done with both of the top poles, it’s time to fold the bottom poles together. These poles are the outer edges of a tent. Reach out to them and fold the bottom poles one-by-one over top poles.

Doesn’t the folded tent look like a big tangent? If so, congrats! You’re doing it correctly. 

Make the Tent Stand-up on its Side :

Beach Tent


The tent having a “pop-up” shape makes room for a lot of air inside it. Before proceeding to the next step, you should remove that extra air. Open the tent’s door so that air can be taken out.

Grab the tent from all the four poles. Flip the tent on its other side so that the tent’s open side can stand on its ground. However, make sure to wrestle with it.

If you have a bad-quality tent, you will have to put too much pressure to make it stand on its side. If you buy a pop up tent from us, we can assure that you won’t have to put much effort into standing it up on its side.

Fold Top Poles to the Back Side of Your Hand :

Wait a minute! We’re not done folding it yet. 

Hold the four poles together to reach the uppermost part. Hold the reverse side of the tangent shaped tent to bring it down. After that, make the camping tent flat over the ground of your camping spot.

Now those poles may scare you away. But hey! Those are not heavy at all. You can easily bring those down with a little force. Our tents have such flexible poles that won’t break down easily.

Slide together the Halves of Tent :

One thing about pop-up shaped tents is that the poles don’t create any confusion. It will be pretty easy for you to identify them while closing the tent.

Once you close both poles, they will look like two circles side-by-side. You just need to place one round shape over another to pack them.


Pack the Pop-up Tent in Bag :

popup tent

Finally, you can pack this camping equipment. Although it’s not a big deal, you can still take a deep breath before packing it up! 

Have a firm grip over the poles of the tent. Remember! Some air will still be there inside the tent. To make it lay flat, press the poles down with your hands and body weight.

The big tent won’t occupy much space in the backpack. You can easily add other things as well. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Putting Away A Pop Up Tent :

* Is it Okay to Keep A Wet Pop Up Tent in a Bag?

No mate, please don’t do it. If you keep the wet pop up tent in your bag, it will smell bad, which will eventually spoil your trip. 

* How Many Years Does A Pop Up Tent Last?

Generally, pop up tents last for 5 years. If your tent is more than 5 years old, you can get a new pop tent on our website. 

* Can We Make A Hole in the Tent Accidentally?

Although it’s a rare case, it may still happen. To take care of this, we would recommend you to keep sharp objects away while packing. 

* Which Material is Used to Make A Pop Up Tent?

Generally, a majority of pop up tents are made of artificial fabrics. It can be either nylon or polyester. Nylon is suitable for lightweight backpacking. In case, if you’re about to get a family pop up tent, you will most likely find polyester.

The Bottom Line :

A pop-up tent is one of the most crucial parts of our camping journey. If it gets in bad shape due to any occurrence, our trip will become annoying. 

So, whenever you do packing, it’s highly recommended to do it with care 🙂



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