The world where pen and papers dominated, now being dominated by websites and search engines. From the creation of computers to Artificial intelligence, there have been several inventions which changed past 3 decades into a technology revolution. We can get any information around the world within a snap from search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

How to increase Webpage Traffic?

How to make your website popular? This is done by SEO. Search engine optimization is the manipulation of search engine results. It focusses on increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to websites through search engines.

A keyword is important while using search engines. Understanding a given keyword and implementing it on the website is a key part of driving site traffic. Certain websites use PPC (Pay per Click) digital marketing in which the advertisers pay a certain amount each time when their site is clicked. SEO’s have greater strength than PPC as SEO’s deal with reputed search engines and generate trust. SEO’s are cost efficient but are difficult for new companies when they compete with reputed ones.

Types of SEO’s

SEO is classified into two types based on hat colors. The “White Hat” SEO utilizes techniques and methods to improve search engine rankings by the guidelines laid by the search engine company. Whereas “Black Hat” SEO identifies weakness in the algorithm of search engines and use it to obtain high rankings for a webpage. These conflict the guidelines of the search engine.

SEO involves two major steps in order to generate more traffic. One is the “On page optimization” which deals with optimizing web pages and URL in order to rank higher and gain more traffic in search engines.

“Off-page optimization” refers to techniques that can push your website to the top of the search engine. It deals with internet activities outside the webpage like promotion, link building and social bookmarking.

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Why Sharks are the Best in the Business?

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