Chinese travelers are ever-growing an audience for brands. A new generation of China has
different aims to travel foreign travel and tends to go abroad in order to find foreign

China is at number one in the outbound tourism market in the world. The percentage of the
Chinese tourist is increasing from 17% to 20% every year. It is expected that there will be
around 200 million Chinese traveling abroad by 2020.

As a Chinesetouristagency, you need to do a keen research in the areas how to attract
Chinese tourists.

  • Partnership with Chinese travel agency
    It is challenging to enter the Chinese market directly especially when your agency is not
    located in China. Form an agreement with a local agency will be a smart way to learn more
    about China’s tricks of the trade. It is vital to attracting Chinese consumers without being
    present in the country.
    An effective digital marketing strategy is helpful to enhance your reputation. The Chinese
    tourist book most of their travel via online travel agencies. In addition, they also look the
    connection with Chinese travel agencies.
  • Create quality content
    Highlight your activity on Weibo and WeChat hotels require to share content that is of high
    quality. The stories and animated videos are particular to target Chinese tourist. Creating a
    narrative content is the most effective way to attract a Chinese.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Staying at the first page of Baidu and SEO is the great way to do it. Generally the user only
    pay attention to the first page of search engine. If you are not at the top in SEO you will
    miss a lot of target audience.
  •  Design your website in Chinese
    Creating your website in Chinese allows your potential customer to find you easily. Most
    Chinese are not able to read and speak English, so it becomes vital that your products and
    services in Mandarin language to reach to Chinese.
  • Key Opinion Leaders Campaign
    KOL campaigns brands have the power to influence customers. It is a trend in China the
    people who have thousands or even millions followers and integrate them to the marketing
    strategy will increase your brand presence.
  • Participate in conversation

On the micro blogging websites there are many conversations about the travel and different
destinations. Different people are sharing their experience, opinion and pictures of their
travel destinations and its environment. Once can get the information about the
restaurants, hotels, stores etc. they visited.

    Every Chinese have a WECHAT account, though it is a powerful tool to reach a large number
    of travelers. WECHAT have the opportunity to offer a personalized treatment to its followers
    and allows targeting potential customer in an efficient way.
    Following above tips provides the opportunity to reach Chinese tourists. Digital presence is
    the key to reach them as the Chinese people and Internet.